June 2012 - The Complexities of Dialogue

June 15, 2012

“None of you (truly) believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” - Prophet Muhammad.

See “One Muslim’s Interfaith Resolutions”.


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Interfaith News

Archbishop Commends Bangladeshi Interfaith Harmony – U.S. Ambassador’s Wife Networked with Pakistan’s Interfaith Women – U.S. Congressman Promoting Global Meditation – Toronto Rabbi Targets Religious Certainty – Associated Baptist Press Reassesses Interfaith Friendship – Global Anti-Malaria Net Effort Travelling the World – Interfaith Themes Featured at Film Festival – Religious Leaders & White House Chef Talk Childhood Obesity – Buddhists Host Christians, Jews & Muslims in New French Temple – In Memoriam: Abdulaziz Khaki, Canadian Interfaith Leader

Report from Sacred Snapshots, Berkeley, California

Opening Many Doors to the Spirit by Leslie Leasure


NAINConnect 2012 Comes to Atlanta Next Month by TIO Staff

The Complexities of Dialogue

Interfaith Teaching Intrafaith

Confronting ‘the Other’ in Your Own Community by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

The Modern-Indigenous Divide

Bridge-building - the Hard Lessons by Rachael Watcher

As Much as Possible, Do No Harm

How to Survive Well with Religious Diversity by Rita M. Gross

Reaching Beyond the Choir

Rebranding Interfaith by Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Relearning Old Lessons

Where the Anti-Muslim Path Leads by Anya Cordell

Wrestling with the Golden Rule

One Muslim’s Interfaith Resolutions by Sohaib Saeed

Intrafaith Then Interfaith

Evangelicals and Interreligious Dialogue: the Next Generation by John W. Morehead

Beyond the Abrahamic Family

“Interfaith 3.0” from the Outside by Don Frew

Responsibilities of the Faithful

Why Interfaith Understanding Is More Important Than Ever in Leadership by Tony Blair

NEW SERIES!Key Figures in Interfaith History

Charles Bonney and the Idea for a World Parliament of Religions by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrooke

Resources from Scarboro Missions

Golden Rule Commentaries & Catholic-Jewish Historic Milestones Available


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