June 2014 - Interfaith in Europe

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


How is Interfaith Different in Europe? by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News

Fossil Fuel Divestiture Gaining Momentum – Celebrities and Religious Leaders Join Hands – Vatican Uses Prayer to Initiate Middle East Reconciliation – Homelessness Shows Up at the Vatican – Ultra-Conservative European ‘Braintrust’ Targeting ‘Satanic Gay Lobby’ – Waging Religious War through Advertising – Sikh Intrafaith Violence in Amritsar – Horrifying Statistics on ‘Honor’ Killing in Pakistan – Interfaith Marriage Comes Under Attack – Sudanese Woman Condemned to Death for ‘Apostasy’

The Swinging Pendulum in American Religion

The Stunning Resurgence of Progressive Christianity by Paul Raushenbush

Interfaith in Europe

The Long Journey in Getting to Know Each Other

An Historic Overview of Faith Relations in Europeby Marcus Braybrooke

A Profile of the European Council of Religious Leaders

Europe’s Religious Leaders Working Together for Peace by Stein Villumstad

Interfaith at the Vatican

An Interview with Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran by Ruth Broyde Sharone

A young Muslim talks about her faith. See



Bringing Everyone into the Dialogue

Interfaith Networking Catching on in Europe by Catriona Robertson

Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs Coming to the Table

Dharmic Religion Finally Finding a Place in European Interfaith by Bharti Tailor

Finding a Pass Through the Mountains

Young Interfaith Activists Take on the Balkans by Rosen Dimov

France’s Coexister Sends Young People into the World

Fifty Countries in 300 Days Searching for InterfaithA TIO Interview

Making Interfaith Dialogue Work, Small-Scale to Large-Scale

Getting to Know You’ at Three Faiths Forum by Paul Chaffee

A Small Muslim Minority in Poland Making a Big Difference

Young Muslims in Poland: Renewal of a Centuries-old Legacy by William Barylo

Where Government Supports Public School Religion

What We Can Learn from Religious Education in the UK by Seán Rose

The Long Journey to Inclusion

Paganism and Interfaith in the UK and Europeby Mike Stygal

From a Battlefield to an Arena of Reconciliation and Relationship

Report from Sarajevo: 1000s Gather to Practice Peaceby Rosen Dimov

European Elections Cause for Concern

Responding to the Rise of the Far Right by Stephen Shashoua

Religious Calendar

TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA

A Summer Update: Religions for Peace USA Highlights – by Aaron Stauffer

Building Orthodox Unity in the Midst of Pluralism: A Step Forward – by The Very Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky

June 19th Webinar – The Challenges and Opportunities in Interfaith Peacebuilding.