June 2015

                                                Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


New Affiliate center
Center for Swedenborgian Studies 

The Rise of the "Nones"
A Liminal Religiosity by Andrew Kille

Expanding Horizons
Reflecting on Prayer by Riess Potterveld

Sacred Works of Art 
Representing Ancestors by Riess Potterveld

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Graduate Theological Union


Welcoming Vicki Garlock, New TIO Correspondent by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup
Christians Taking a Beating – Two-wheeled Vehicles Making Religious News – Social Justice – Good News Stories – In Other News

Restoring Spirit through Sacred Listening
Nain Heads to Regina Next Month by TIO Staff


Summer Potpourri

"It's Not Just About Fasting"
Celebrating Ramadan - the Kid's Perspective by Vicki Garlock

A View from the outside In
Sleeping with the Jaguar by Doris W.Davis

Carrying the Ashes
The Sacred Power of Indigenous Women Threatened by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Discovering Spiritual Treasure
The Gita and Me by Philip Goldberg

By the Numbers
The Shifting Sands of Religion in the United States by TIO Staff

A Quarter-Century Serving the Disenfranchised
Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights Keeps Leading by Deborah Lee

They Used to Call it Slavery
"Why Human Trafficking Matters to Me" by Gail Hambleton

The Distinction Between For and From
The Theological Hijacking of Religious "Freedom" by Timothy K. Synder

Preparing for salt Lake City & Spiritual Activism
A Journey into the Language of Interfaith by Robert Hrasna

The Non-Proliferation Treaty
"For God's Sake, What are we Going to Do About That?" by William E. Swing

A Summer Sermon on Interfaith Relations
The Most Difficult "Religious Other" by Paul Chaffee


Religious Calendar 

Guidelines for Designing a Multifaith Prayer Service

Special Editions
Crossroads - Graduate Theological Union
New Affiliate: Center for Swedenborgian Studies
The Rise of the “Nones” – A Liminal Religiosity
Expanding Horizons – Reflecting on Prayer
Sacred Works of Art – Representing Ancestors

Connect - Religions for Peace USA
Seek Peace and Pursue It – The Jewish Imperative for Peacemaking
Interview with Andrew Feigenbaum about Philadelphia’s Dare to Understand Campaign
Member Profile: The United Methodist Church, Rocky Mountain Conference

Neuropeace: Putting Science to Work for Peace  by Aaron Stauffer