March 2013 - From Toddlers to Millennials – Reimagining Interfaith Community

                                                          Exploring interreligious relations and interfaith culture

This image comes from First Drops, an interfaith group of parents with children aged 5-13. Ruth Broyde Sharone profiles First Drops this month, the first story unpacking this month’s theme – “From Toddlers to Millennials – Reimagining Interfaith Community.”

Guest Editorial – Another Reason for Attending to Young People

Why the ‘Interfaith Movement’ Must Rebrand by Bud Heckman

Interfaith News

Dalai Lama, Religious Leaders Celebrate Vivekananda’s 150th Birthday – Francis of Assisi Was a Christian-Muslim Peacemaker – Fundamental Shift in Roman Catholic Interreligious Perspective – Faith Redefined Geographically – How We Understand God Figures Directly in How We Treat Our Planet – United States Authorities Rapped for Ignoring Religious Abuse – Religious Violence Plagues Pakistan – Reevaluating Linguistic Judgmentalism

Report from Los Angeles

SoCal Parliament of Religions Celebrates Latino Diversity by Paul Chaffee

The Early Years of the Interfaith Movement

The Legacy of the 1893 Parliament of the World Religions by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrooke

TIO In Canada

Canadian News & Resources

Canadian Events & Opportunities

From Toddlers to Millennials – Reimagining Interfaith Community

Learning to Be a Good Neighbor

At What Age Should Interfaith Education Begin? by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

A New Kind of Interfaith Family

Advice, and a Community, for Interfaith Families by Jennifer Kogan

The Transforming Power of Hospitality

Faith, Food, and Creating Interfaith Community by Tahil Sharma

Tumbling For Interfaith

Building Community One Microblog at a Time by Hafsa Arain

Creating Interfaith Community in San Francisco

Interfaith Young Adults in Urban Community by Krithika Harish

Safety, Hospitality, and Engagement Nurture Leadership

Cultivating the Next Generation of Interfaith Leaders by Rachel A. Heath

A New Generation of Social Justice Activists

Boomers & Millennials Compare Interfaith Action by Joshua Stanton

Building Bridges Among D.C.’s Faith Leader

Interfaith Millennials Organize in Washington D.C. by Jack Gordon

Muslim and Jewish Young Adults Forge Community in Los Angeles

Listening and Achieving the Impossible Dream by Abigail Barash

Opportunities– Seventh Annual “Engaging the Other” Conference Set for May – Matthew Fox & Andrew Harvey Online Seminar, “Christ Path Series,” Redefines Christianity – IFYC’S Interfaith Leadership Institutes 2013-14 Schedule Announced – Download Braybrooke’s Personal Account of the Interfaith Movement

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TIO Updates– TIO “Special Editions” Start this Month – Special Thanks to Guest Editor Jonathan Oskins