May 2012 - Interfaith’s Collaborative Agenda

May 15, 2012

The Oakland Interfaith Coalition the night the police raided the park, but allowed the interfaith community to stay. See the Report from Berkeley below for details.


Identifying Interfaith’s Collaborative Imperative

Interfaith News

Global Nutrition in Trouble – Tanzania Succeeds with Religious Peacemaking – Calls for Peace in the Midst of War – Jewish Trained Muslim Woman Staffs Christian Coalition – Clerics Stand Against Arizona’s Harsh Anti-Immigrant Law – Middle Eastern Christians Threatened – Florida Amendment Proposes State Funding for Religion – Tibetan Temple In Texas – Student Prize-winning Interfaith Comic Book – Catholic-Sikh Relations Affirmed – Houston Interfaith Gala Raises Over $1 Million – A Neuropsychological Basis For Spirituality? – Remembering Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

An Interfaith Odyssey for Us All

A Review of Ruth Broyde Sharone’s Minefields & Miracles by Paul Chaffee

May 2012 Theme

Interfaith’s Collaborative Agenda

The Journey So Far

Interfaith and Peace, Social Justice and Respect for the Earth

by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrooke

The Risk and Our Response

Thich Nhat Hanh: In 100 Years There May Be No More Humans on Planet Earth by Interview by Tom Levitt for the Ecologist

Confronting Global Degradation

Interfaith Call to Action on Climate Change from the Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change

The Case for Mother Earth

Debate Over Mother Earth’s ‘Rights’ Stirs Fears of Pagan Socialism by Bron Taylor

Interfaith Environmental Activism

How Faith Communities Are Supporting the Earth by Paul Chaffee

Asian Religions in the U.S. Go to the White House

Social Justice as a Unifying Issue for Dharmic Communities by Joshua Stanton

Stories Generating Peace

Peacemaking – Seeking, Finding, Starting by Angela Butel

Imagining New Partnerships

Clooney, Kony and Why Interfaith Matters by Greg Damhorst

Not Religious Labels But Religious Identities

NewGround Interfaith Engagement Model Reaches Egypt by Eliana Kaya and Sarah Bassin

Growing the Interfaith Community

Interfaith Peacemaking on the Documentary Screen by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

Report from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Seventh World Religious Freedom Congress Meets by Mark Kellner, Adventist Review, April 24, 2012

Report from Berkeley, California

Occupy Faith National Conference: Let the Walls Come Crumbling Down! by Nichola Torbett

Teenagers Take on the Big Issues

Talking to Tomorrow’s Peacemakers by Akash Mehta

Letter to the Editor by Bruce Schuman


Religious Calendar

TIO Update - Ruth Sharone’s book published today, theme shift for July, interns, and TIO vacations in August