May 2013 - Science and Religion in the 21st Century

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture

Science and Religion are portrayed in harmony in this Tiffany window titled “Education” (1890).

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From Darwin to Zygon – Signs of Reconciliation

Interfaith News

Obama Addresses Interfaith Service in Boston – Kidnapped Syrian Bishops Still Missing – Religious Leaders in Syria Commit to Peace – Threats to Religious Freedom Escalating – Christians and Muslims Get Acquainted in Kansas – Muslim Leaders Decry Violence and Terrorism – Muslim Roots in Iowa Town Celebrated – Ukrainian Interfaith Conference Draws Protests – American Indians Discerned in 1494 Vatican Painting

The International Association for Religious Freedom – a Profile

The Genesis of International Interfaith Organizing by Marcus Braybrooke

Growing Non-Affiliated Community Deserves Respect & a Welcome

The Nones Are Off the Bus, and Many of Them Are Alls by Anne Benvenuti

Marianne Williamson – A Profile

A Mystic Vision with a Social Conscience by Ruth Broyde Sharone

TIO In Canada

Canadian News & Resources

Canadian Events & Opportunities

Science and Religion in the 21st Century

We Need to Pick the Right Battle

Celebrating Darwin: Religion and Science Are Closer Than You Think by Max Tegmark

Undercutting Sloppy Thinking about Evolution

Why Americans Love Creationism by Karl Giberson

Undermining Dogmatic Conflict-think

The Evolution ‘Battle’ Isn’t What You Think It Is by Michael Zimmerman

Religion and Science from Muslim Perspectives

Muslims and Evolution in the 21st Century: A Galileo Moment? by Usaama al-Azami

Buddhism and Scientific Study

Where Science and Religion Coexist by Saskia De Rothschild

Reconciling Science and Faith

Michael Dowd and “Evolutionary Christianity” by Paul Chaffee

A Renewed Narrative for All Traditions

New Theists: Knowers, Not Believers by Michael Dowd

The Need for a Profound Humility

Science, Religion and Religious Minimalism by Philip Clayton and Steven Knapp

Scientists from Many Faiths

Giants Engaged in both Science and Religion by Sana Saeed

Compassion – a Many Splendored Jewel

The Science of Compassion by James R. Doty

Nonduality – The Story of SAND

Scientists and Mystics Taking Hands by Maurizio Benazzo

Joyful Living with a New Narrative

A Review of The New Universe and the Human Future by Matthew Fox

Reclaiming Our Spirituality

Interspiritual Revolution: How the Occupy Generation Is Re-Envisioning Spirituality and (New) Monasticism

by Rory McEntee and Adam Bucko

Religious Calendar

Update – Ruth Broyde Sharone honored, TIO Joins Religion News Service


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