May 2014 - Funding Interfaith

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


Learning How to Pay Our Bills While We Pursue Our Dreams by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News

Religious Information Just Got a Lot More Detailed – Medieval Punishments on the Docket in Brunei – 200 Girls Still Missing – When Children Suffer from Being a Religious Minority – Chinese Churches being Demolished – More from Wenzhou – Egyptian Politics Strong-arm Egyptian Religion – Buddhists' Militancy Festering in Asia – Pushback in Myanmar Over Interfaith Restrictions – England’s Religious Identity Debated – U.S. Army Recognizes ‘Humanists’ – Rome Taking on the Big Family Issues – Seeking Interfaith Peace at the River Jordan – UCC Turns the Table on Same-Sex Marriage Law – Interfaith Reconciliation in Cyprus – Welcoming Each Other for the Sake of Creation

An Issue for All Religious, Spiritual Traditions

What the Young Can Teach Us – If Given the Chance by Keishi Miyamoto

Report: Talking Back to Hate Campaign Activities 2013-2014

Talking Back to Hate Around the World by Sarah Talcott Blair

In Training for the September 11-21 Compassion Games

Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest by Sande Hart

Funding Interfaith

A Profile of Lynne Twist

Fundraising as Sacred Workby Paul Chaffee

As Paul Eppinger’s story indicates, this Arizona license plate has been a major source of income for the Arizona Interfaith Movement.

Where the Money Is

Funding for the Interfaith Movementby Bud Heckman

From a Foundation’s Perspective

Funding Global Interreligious ActionbyJ. Andreas Hipple, Senior Program Adviser, GHR Foundation 

United Religions Initiative: A Case Study

What it Takes to Fund International Interfaith by William Swing

An Interview with Eboo Patel

Interfaith Fundraising: How to Make it Work - A TIO Interview

An Alternative to More Money

The Lean Interfaith Nonprofit by Frank Fredericks

The Complex Dynamics at the Local Level

Funding Grassroots Interfaith in San Francisco by Michael G. Pappas

Growing a Grassroots Interfaith Program

Interfaith Culture Thriving in Arizona by Paul Eppinger

Why Interfaith Funding is So Tough, and an Alternative

A Note on Financial Support for Interreligious Initiatives for Improving Societiesby Charles Randall Paul

Where the Government and Religion Can Collaborate

Resourcing Interfaith for the Futureby Harriet Crabtree

The Power of the Light

How a Small Buddhist Movement is Teaching Children in the Interfaith World to Live Togetherby Paul Chaffee

Religious Calendar

Opportunities and Resources

TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA

A “How-to” Guide on Fighting Religious Intolerance Online

Why Follow Luther Past 2017?by Kathryn M. Lohre

Gearing Up to Fight Climate Change with Fletcher HarperWEBINAR: May 29th, 3pm ET – Register here