May 2016 - Featuring Vicki Garlock and Bud Heckman

Exploring Interreligious Relations & 
Interfaith Culture

May is month three in TIO’s five-month focus on writers from different religious traditions who have given a particularly rich stream of articles to this publication. This month two progressive Christians are featured. They come from similar backgrounds but address completely different constituencies. Vicki Garlock writes beautifully about children and how they learn about different faiths and practices. By contrast, Bud Heckman unpacks the global story, where budgets, policies, politics, and personalities, and all their attendant issues, somehow steer the ‘interfaith ship’ into the future. Caught somewhere between their two arenas, interfaith culture is emerging.

In June, Eboo Patel, Muslim, author, and founder of the Interfaith Youth Core, will be featured, including excerpts from the opening chapter of his soon- to-be-published book, Interfaith Leadership. TIO will return to its standard format in September.

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Featuring Vicki Garlock and Bud Heckman by Paul Chaffee