November 2013 - Interfaith Gifts

Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


Swami Vivekananda Statue at Ramakrishna Monastery, California – see Jeffrey’s Long’s story about Vivekananda and pluralism.Appreciating the Gifts in Our Midst

Interfaith News

A Global View of Religion – Catholicism Queries its Members – Survey Suggests Bigotry Endures in Europe – U.K.’s Government Criticized for Failing Public Religious Education – Jewish Interfaith Activist to Lead Muslim Organization – Sayyed Ali Fadlallah Calls Muslims and Christians to Reach Out to ‘the Other’ – Interfaith Social Justice Pioneer Dies at 56 – Museums Embrace Interfaith High Fashion – Interfaith Same-sex Couple Finally Say their Vows – Malaysian Judge Shouldn’t Adjudicate Religious Language – Atheists Getting Organized in Community

On These Shoulders

Remembering Rev. Dr. Charles White, 1937-2013 by Bettina Gray

Having a Voice in the Interfaith Agenda

Joining the Parliament of the World’s Religions Listening Campaign by TIO Staff

Interfaith Gifts

A Sixteen-Year-Old Points the Way

Malala’s Muslim Faith: A Voice of Islam for the Next Generation by Yasmine Hafiz

An Interview with Diana Eck – Part 1

From Bozeman, Montana, to the World by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Moving Beyond Tolerance

Vivekananda’s Challenge Keeps Resonating by Jeffery Long

On These Shoulders

Homer Jack Led the Way for Us All by Marcus Braybrooke

Engendering Grassroots Activist Connections

United Religions Initiative as Gift by William Swing

An Alternative to Authoritarianism

Singapore’s Students Get Proactive about Interfaith Peace by Wai Kit Ow Yeong

One of the Largest Religious Rituals in the Western World

Visiting the New Jerusalem at Burning Man by Malcolm Clemens Young

Finding Yourself in the Other

The Secret Power of Interfaith Encounters by Maha Elgenaidi and Daniel Tutt

Accessible to All

Meditation is Not Religion or Spirituality: It’s Technology – An Interview with Jay Michaelson

Meditation, Magic, and Invocation

The Rudiments of My Neopagan Spiritual Practice by Don Frew

Neopagan, Indigenous, and Earth-based Spiritual Practice

A Different Approach to Deity by Rachael Watcher

Reading the Spirit’s Digital Breakthrough

Interreligious Calendars – Discovering the Stories Behind the Dates by Paul Chaffee

Religious Calendar


Edmonton, Canada, to Host Parliament Event, May 1-4, 2014

Vanderbilt Surveying North American Grassroots Interfaith Activists


Free Intercultural, Interfaith Ethics Curriculum Available

TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA

9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace – “Welcoming the Other” Gathers in Vienna


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