November 2014 - Second-Generation Religious Minorities

                                                Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture

Mastering Dual Identity by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup
The Month’s Best Stories  Religious Institutions Struggling in the West, Growing in Communist Countries  Hard-to-Believe Stories – Good News about Religious Freedom

Human Rights and Interreligion in the 21st Century
Religion, Globalization, and Modernity by Ian Linden

Second-Generation Religious Minorities

Caught between Two Cultures
A Prayer in the Beginning by Ilona Gerbakher

Second-Generation Religious Minorities in America
The Shifting Terrain of Interfaith Relationship – A TIO Interview with Eboo Patel

Religious Life at the University of Southern California
World Religions in America: The Second Generation by Jim Burklo

Parenting the Second Generation
On Raising Hindu Americans in Detroit, Michigan by Chandru Acharya

How the Internet Can Serve Dual-Identity Religious Minorities
Study: Young Networked Sikhs Still Value Religious Tradition by Heidi Campbell

Experiencing the Creator Everywhere & in Everyone
Growing Up Sikh in the Diaspora by R.K. Janmeja ‘Meji’ Singh

REVIEW: Being Buddhist in a Christian World
Why Are We Buddhists? Korean-American Perspectives by Jin Y. Park

A Second-Gen’s Journey to Priesthood
Dharma and the Death of My Father by Michael Jitosho

Appropriating the Best of Two Traditions>
Navigating Life as Second-Generation Americans by Beth Katz

The Americanization of Minority Religious Communities
Will We Become A Nation of Hybrids? by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Shanti & Salaam – In the Tradition of Thanksgiving
How a Muslim Experienced Agape at Puja by Aamir Hussain

Religious Calendar 

Registration Open for 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions
Do-It-Yourself “Golden Rule Workshop” Now Available

TIO Special Editions: Religions for Peace USA
Why Hindu Americans Should Care about Advocacy by Sheetal Shah
Peace in Middle East will Come Only with Help from All of God's People, says Yehezkel Landau by Kay Campbell
November 17 Webinar: Confronting an Epidemic: Religious Community Responses to Ebola