September 2012 – Interfaith Education

Rev. C.T. Vivian, a close colleague of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided a power keynote presentation to NAIN in Atlanta. Here he poses with three NAIN Young Adult Scholars. See the full story.


Learning About Interfaith in Every Which Way


An Interfaith Response to Violence Near and Far

A Guest Editorial by Dorothy J. Maver & Deborah Moldow

Interfaith News

Sacred Hospitality and Assassination – Interfaith Responses to an American Tragedy – IFYC Making a Difference on College Campuses – Progressive Interfaith-friendly Cardinal Laid to Rest – Larger than the Abrahamic Family – Multifaith Responses to the HIV-AIDS Epidemic – Love Banishes Fear in Srebrenica – American Muslim Leaders Gather in Washington – South Africa Faith Communities Opposing Corruption – Canadian Faith Groups Debate New Pipeline – Religious Freedom Report Denounced in Beijing – Taking Scripture More Seriously – KidSpirit Online Goes Interfaith – Pew Details Asian American Religion – A 12-Step Wisdom Proposal to Find Common Ground

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Atlanta: NAIN Takes Interfaith Culture the Next Level by TIO Staff

Guadalajara: Interfaith Dialogue Flowering in Mexico by Ruth Broyde Sharone

London: Olympic Gold and Going for the Golden Rule by Marcus Braybrooke

Mt. Baldy, California: Climbing a Holy Mountain for Peace by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Interfaith Education

News, Pews & Religious Views

The Case for Multifaith Education by Justus Baird

The Quest for ‘Civil Public Schools’

Religion in U.S. Public Education by Paul Chaffee

A New Kind of Public School in California

Education that Really Means Something by Theodore Timpson

Lesson Plans in the Universal Ethic of Reciprocity

Animating Interfaith Culture for 5000 Teenagers a Year by Tina Petrova

Interfaith Higher Education Immersion Approach

Learning to Build Interfaith Community by Jennifer Howe Peace

From Faith to Interfaith

Seminaries Buzzing with Interfaith Studies

by Paul Chaffee

A Different Approach to Higher Religious Education

“Interfaith Seminaries” Chart New Territory by Diane Berke & Kurt Johnson

Redefining Religious Leadership

Creating the Order of Universal Interfaith by Timothy Miner


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