September 2013 - Dharma in the West

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Discovering Asia in America’s Spiritual DNA by Paul Chaffee

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Join the Global International Day of Peace Celebration! by the Culture of Peace Initiative

Interfaith News

Anti-Christian Violence Run Rampant – Interfaith Art Becomes a Peacemaking Resource – Pope Francis Appeals to G20 on Syria – Promoting Interfaith High on Ethiopia’s Agenda – Pioneering Peacemaker Disappears – Multifaith Use of Sacred Space Sparks Malaysian Crisis – Saudi Support for Interfaith Grows – Interfaith Organizational Structures Evolving – An Interfaith-friendlier U.S. State Department – An Alternative to Westboro Baptist Exposure – Progressive Religion Gaining in U.S. – Interfaith Members of Congress Challenge the White House – Best Ever Catholic-Jewish Relations

New Leadership at United Religions Initiative

Victor Kazanjian to Become URI’s Second Executive Director by Paul Chaffee

The Emergence of Global Religion

How Robert Bellah (1927-2013) Changed the Study of Religion by Mark Juergensmeyer

Report: NAINConnect 2013 in Toronto

Taking ‘In Our Diversity is Our Strength’ Seriously by TIO Staff

Dharma in the West

A Healing Revelation

In Appreciation of the Bhagavad Gita by Jeffery D. Long

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Review: American Veda by Philip Goldberg by Paul Chaffee

How Religious Diversity Became a Reality in America

Asian Religions in the United States by Christopher Key Chapple

Parsing Vedanta, Yoga, and Dharma

Coming to Terms with Essential Terms by TIO Staff

Christianity and Nonduality

Dharma in the Christian West by Robert A. Jonas

Finding Common Ground

“How Does Hinduism and Buddhism Influence Me as a Rabbi?” by Rami Shapiro “Dharma” in Sanskrit – Calligraphy by Stewart J. Thomas

Merton, Griffiths, and Teasdale

Pioneers in Hindu-Christian Interspirituality by Kurt Johnson, Robert Toth, and Adam Bucko

Can You Trust Your Guru?

Gurus, Seekers, and Being Accountable by Philip Goldberg

Early Adopters of Eastern Wisdom

Western Transmitters of the Dharma by Philip Goldberg

A New Kind of Dharma Leadership

The Necessity of a Hindu American Chaplaincy by Rita D. Sherma 

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