September 2015

                                                Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


A Religions For Peace Letter
Faiths for Earth Campaign Launched

On the Ground in Tennessee
Countering Theologies of Fear by Aaron Stauffer

Remembering Massacres, Encountering Hope
Muslim-Christian Dialogue is for the Birds by Michael Trice

Conference Announcement
Our Muslim Neighbour Conference: September 26th in Nashville, Tennessee

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Religions for Peace USA



Developing Interfaith Education, Starting with the Heart by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup
Muslim Tragedies, Muslim Miracles – Preparing for Climate Change Agreement in Paris – Other Interfaith News…heart-warming, constructive, and just weird!

A Religions for Peace Letter
Faiths for Earth Campaign Launched from Desmond Tutu and William Vendley

Interfaith in the Land of the Living Skies
Report: NAIN Goes to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada by Paul Chaffee

Unpacking the Historical Context
The Parliament of the World’s Religions: 1893 and 1993 by Katherine Marshall

Details from Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si
Exploding the Myths   by Victoria Furio

Interactive with the Spirit
The Soul of Men in the Hearts of Women by Margaret Wolff


Interfaith Education 

Taking Faith and Practice Seriously
The Top Five Reasons to Study Religion by Gary Laderman

Faith Seeker Kids
A Bible-Based, Interfaith Sunday School Curriculum by Vicki Garlock

Why World Religions are so Important in the Classroom
The First Public School in the Country to Require a World Religions Course by Joseph Laycock

Eboo Patel in the Vineyard
Elizabethtown Initiating a Major in Interfaith Leadership by E. A. Harvey

Hartford Seminary: Pioneering American-Muslim Studies And More
“This Is No Place for a Zero Sum Game” by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Religious Education's Evolution in England
From Mono-religious to Multi-religious in England’s Schools by Marcus Braybrooke

Interfaith's Most Powerful Tool
Storytelling – It’s Not Just for Grown-Ups by Vicki Garlock

“Making a Difference” Through the Interfaith Youth Core
Training Interfaith Leaders for the Future by Megan Weiss

Training Leaders for the Next Generation
Grassroots Interfaith Education Goes Global by Paul Chaffee

Nurturing our Natural Inclusivity
A New Model for Teaching Children Religious Tolerance by Hailey Woldt

You Don’t have to Reinvent the Wheel
Finding Reliable Interfaith Educational Resources A TIO Interview

Recapturing Childhood
An Education Centered on Wisdom by Theodore Timpson

Religious Calendar 

September 21 – Participating in This Year’s International Day of Peace
Oprah Launches Belief on October 18

Special Editions
Crossroads - Graduate Theological Union
Finding Art in Plastic Debris by Riess Potterveld
A Convergence of Sacred Seasons by Staff
New Encyclopedia of Asian American Religion Celebrated by Staff
Bronze Head of Buddha by Lanier Graham

Connect - Religions for Peace USA
Countering Theologies of Fear in Tennessee by Aaron Stauffer
Muslim-Christian Dialogue is for the Birds by Michael Trice
Announcement: Our Muslim Neighbor Conference, September 26th in Nashville, Tennessee

Neuropeace: Putting Science to Work for Peace  by Aaron Stauffer