Susan Katz Miller

Susan Katz Miller, an award-winning journalist, is both an interfaith child and an interfaith parent. Her father is Jewish, her mother is Protestant: she grew up in Reform Judaism. After marrying a Protestant, Miller and her husband decided to raise their children in both religions, in a community of interfaith families. Miller eventually became the Board Co-Chair of the Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington DC.

Miller graduated from Brown University, and began her journalism career at Newsweek in New York. After working in the Los Angeles and Washington bureaus, she moved to Dakar, Senegal for three years. While there, she wrote travel pieces for the New York Times, was tear-gassed in the streets while covering an election, interviewed the President of Senegal for Newsweek International, and wrote Christian Science Monitor pieces from Benin, Togo, the Gambia, and Sierra Leone. On returning to the States, she became a U.S. Correspondent for the British weekly magazine New Scientist. She then spent three years freelancing from northeastern Brazil. After her two children were born, she and her husband settled in the Washington, DC, area, and she founded the first blog devoted to interfaith family communities and interfaith identity,, and began blogging at Huffington Post Religion.

Miller’s writing has also appeared in Discover, Science, National Wildlife, Health, Moment,,, and many other publications. Her photographs have been published in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and International Wildlife. Her interfaith family has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, and on the PBS program Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, and she is often quoted as an expert on interfaith families in newspapers and magazines.

Susan Katz Miller can be contacted at her website.