Timothy Miner

Timothy Miner is the executive director of the Council of Interfaith Communities and one of three founders of the Order of Universal Interfaith. He was called to chaplaincy after the events of 9/11 and now serves as a chaplain and chaplain-trainer for U.S. Federal and local law enforcement and disaster response programs.  Rev. Miner is a minister for an interfaith-interspiritual fellowship, and he is the content-producer of spiritual information for a world-wide Spiritual But Not Religious community.  A background in aviation and meteorology also keep him active in eco-ministry.  He has academic degrees in physical and human geography, computer sciences, atmospheric science, and a M.Div. from a Baptist seminary; he is also a graduate of an interfaith seminary program. In January 2013 he will lead the first discussions of one of the world’s largest science societies as it attempts to breach the divide between science and spirituality through integral thinking.