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A Letter to the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada

Historic Announcement

Dear Interfaith Friends,

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada is happy to announce a new resource that will be sent to you each month. It will contain Southern Nevada religious news, profiles of our congregations, and notice of interfaith events. And that is only part of the story.

Southern Nevada news will be a special section of The Interfaith Observer (TIO), the internet’s only monthly publication exploring healthy interfaith culture in all its aspects. It’s written for newcomers but has all sorts of links allowing readers to pursue a particular subject in more depth. You’ll find more information about TIO below.

IFCSN is making religious communications history by developing an unprecedented local/global “Special Edition” of the Observer, the Southern Nevada Interfaith Connection a monthly posting full of compelling interfaith stories from around the world – along with our own stories and activities here in Nevada. Religions for Peace USA shares our early-adopter-status this month, as they receive their first special edition of TIO.

Here in Southern Nevada we hope that the Southern Nevada Interfaith Connection will be a creative tool for nourishing our local relationships and activities while keeping us mindful and informed about interreligious relations everywhere. In the world of interfaith, it is important to think globally and act locally for the welfare of others.

Please contact Ruthie Howard at council@interfaithsn.org if you have religious, spiritual, or community news you would like to share with everyone receiving our special edition – approximately 1200 of us at this point and growing!


Gard Jameson
Chair, Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada

The Interfaith Observer (TIO)

A monthly internet publication dedicated to exploring interreligious relations and interfaith culture

  • One hundred and fifty interfaith activists and academics, young and old, have written for TIO. You can see their photos and read their bios on TIO’s Who We Are webpage.

  • You can download the first 18 issues (most months have their own ‘theme’) from TIO’s homepage.

  • A Digital Index archives the 300 stories TIO published in its initial year, organized by subject.

As it grows, TIO’s dream is to generate a web of connection for people of faith and practice everywhere, a means for becoming friends and colleagues, for working collectively to make this a world with less violence, poverty, and injustice, and more respect, care, and generosity of spirit.