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Gard Jameson

Voices of Hope

Voices of  Hope

by URI Members

The United Religions Initiative enjoys a kind of latitude and scope that invites the whole world in, but does so while honoring each of us and where we come from. That approach makes it a very personal

Why Southern Nevada Interfaith Believes in Camp

Thank you for your interest in interfaith relations in Southern Nevada.

In two weeks, the Interfaith Council opens its Spring Camp Anytown in Lee Canyon. Approximately 60 youth will venture up the hill to be together for a life-changing weekend.

A Letter to the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada is happy to announce a new resource that will be sent to you each month. It will contain Southern Nevada religious news, profiles of our congregations, and notice of interfaith events. And that is only part of the story.

Getting Serious about Spirituality and Health

Anything less than a contemplative perspective on life
is an almost certain program for unhappiness.

- Father Thomas Keating