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Why Southern Nevada Interfaith Believes in Camp

From the Board

Dear Interfaith Friends,

Thank you for your interest in interfaith relations in Southern Nevada.

In two weeks, the Interfaith Council opens its Spring Camp Anytown in Lee Canyon. Approximately 60 youth will venture up the hill to be together for a life-changing weekend.

My observation is that this camp transforms lives, producing more compassionate individuals. As the kids learn about their own prejudices, biases, and bigotry, they open up to a new dimension of themselves. They discover their common bond with the others at the Camp and throughout the World. Story after story testifies to the power of this experience to reframe the perspectives of these young adults. If you would like to learn more please email us at council@interfaithsn.org.

The accompanying article in this special edition of TIO from our executive director, Karen Boyett, tells the Camp Anytown story.

Thank you again for being a reader of The Interfaith Observer!

Gard Jameson, Chair