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Camino de Crestone Opens this Summer

Interfaith Pilgrimages Inaugurated in Colorado

Interfaith work does not always occur in religious communities. At times it requires spiritual journeys challenging us to come closer to the earth and nature. Sanctuary House, an organization that seeks to explore the mystical side of interfaith work, will be sponsoring its first interfaith pilgrimage this summer.

While most of the spiritual centers at the foot of the sacred Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado have been in place for nearly thirty years, 2013 is the Camino de Crestone’s Inaugural Year. The pilgrimage will take place over seven days covering 40 kilometers.

Total cost for a participant is $800, a tuition intended to make this pilgrimage affordable. Participants will visit 15 different centers in a week-long experience geared to be educational, clarifying, and, without being burdening or dogmatic, richly thorough. The Camino de Crestone promises to be an historic milestone on your spiritual journey, life’s greatest adventure.

The Need for Pilgrimage

As time seems to be speeding up, the events taking place in our world escalating in intensity and significance, the need for an interfaith pilgrimage grows. Given the role that religious violence plays in the world’s conflicts, “religion” has received lots of bad press. Yet the religious impulse represents the deepest human urge to belong, to relate, and to know what is most important. The motion towards interreligious harmony becomes vital. Our human family needs interreligious tolerance, interreligious respect, and interreligious admiration. As all people become more interconnected, the world’s religions are beginning to be understood in their unity, even as their diversity gets expressed.

The pilgrimage starts every Saturday from June through September. Groups of 7-14 pilgrims will visit 15 different spiritual centers in a week's time. Call Sanctuary House at 719-937-7697 for details, or, better yet, visit the Camino de Crestone website. Camino de Crestone promises to be a significant step forward for peace, compassion and world harmony.