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The Wholeness of Nature

The Wholeness of Nature

by Katie Reis

I’m not a religious person. I was baptized a Catholic but slowly realized that many of Catholicism’s beliefs and principles did not fit my own. Over the years, I have explored many different religions. After I visited Japan as part of a student exchange program about a year ago, I became fascinated with Shintoism. Shinto beliefs are encapsulated by a perspective of seeing nature and the world in all its beauty.

Why We Need an Interfaith Pilgrimage

Why We Need an Interfaith Pilgrimage

by S. Brent Plate

I just finished walking 750 kilometers (470 miles) along the Camino de Santiago. This is an ancient pilgrimage with roots going back over a millennium and was one of the three most important Christian pilgrimages in medieval Europe, alongside those to Jerusalem and Rome.

Camino de Crestone Opens this Summer

Interfaith Pilgrimages Inaugurated in Colorado

A Review of Ruth Broyde Sharone’s Minefields & Miracles

Truth be told, I approached Ruth Broyde Sharone’s Minefields & Miracles – Why God and Allah Need to Talk with trepidation – review a 350-page memoire of her travels interwoven with enough photos to fill one of grandpa’s slide carousels?!

Pilgrimage To Jerusalem - A Pilgrimage Of Peace

2011 concluded with an inspiring conference in Jerusalem. The conference, on the above theme, was organized by Elijah in partnership with the Swiss based Lasallhaus. The occasion was unique. Fr. Christian Rutishauser S.J., director of LH had a dream for twenty years - organizing a pilgrimage on foot to Jerusalem. The pilgrimage was to be more than just a walk; it was to be a an opportunity for learning, and above all for interfaith sharing. A priest, a pilgrim, but also an academic, he envisioned the walk culminating with a peace conference, which he asked Elijah to organize.