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Crossroads – GTU’s Special Edition of The Interfaith Observer

By Riess Potterveld



We are pleased to share with you this first edition of Crossroads, a collaborative project between the Graduate Theological Union and The Interfaith Observer (TIO), a monthly online journal that publishes stories, opinion, and resources focusing on interfaith work throughout the world. 

Increasingly, in addition to the degree and certificate programs and the myriad public events offered by the Graduate Theological Union, we are focusing on how research and ideas impact actual communities and how educational institutions can aid in finding solutions to challenging global problems.The Interfaith Observer has an excellent record of highlighting significant new interfaith and peace-making activities across the globe that both inform and inspire.

Each monthly edition of Crossroads will feature several brief articles spotlighting our efforts here at the GTU, giving special attention to our interreligious work. In addition, Crossroads will offer the GTU community access to the regular content of The Interfaith Observer, which highlights interreligious work around the globe. Through this partnership, TIO’s subscribers (6,500 religious leaders around the world) will learn more about the GTU and its educational programs and resources, while our GTU community will be exposed to the other interreligious efforts spotlighted in The Interfaith Observer. Ultimately, Crossroads is an effort to share information and spawn collaboration.

Under the category of new developments here at the GTU, we have just announced the formation of a Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Hindu Studies and welcomed Dr. Rita Sherma as the first Director of the Hindu Studies Initiative.  Also, now possible is a GTU MA with a concentration in interreligious studies. Both of these new programs offer an extended deadline for admission of July 1, 2015 (so it’s not too late to spread the word or make your application!).

We believe Crossroads will prove to be a valuable resource for the GTU community. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the emerging interreligious focus of the Graduate Theological Union, and that you will benefit from the wealth of valuable articles and resources on interreligious issues that have been curated from around the globe.

Riess Potterveld

GTU President