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The Interfaith Observer

Stepping Stones on My Interfaith Journey

Stepping Stones on My Interfaith Journey

by Megan Weiss

My first step into the interfaith world was an experience I had during a global issues class in high school. My teacher projected an image of a man wearing a turban holding a gun, violence ensuing in the background, and then asked a question: “Is this a terrorist or a man protecting his family?”

Changes at The Interfaith Observer (TIO)

Editing TIO for the past five years has been a cascade of blessings for me, particularly being involved with more than 350 students, writers, and activists of all ages bent on creating a peaceful, diverse, inclusive global interfaith culture. I’m excited as ever about the coming year – with a few changes, TIO should become a better publication.

Crossroads – GTU’s Special Edition of The Interfaith Observer

We are pleased to share with you this first edition ofCrossroads, a collaborative project between the Graduate Theological Union and The Interfaith Observer (TIO), a monthly online journal that publishes stories, opinion, and resources focusing on interfaith work throughout the world.

Remembering Rev. Dr. Charles White, 1937-2013

On These Shoulders

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