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November 2013

United Religions Initiative as Gift

Engendering Grassroots Activist Connections

Vivekananda’s Challenge Keeps Resonating

Moving Beyond Tolerance

A Different Approach to Deity

Neopagan, Indigenous, and Earth-based Spiritual Practice

Homer Jack Led the Way for Us All

On These Shoulders

The Rudiments of My Neopagan Spiritual Practice

Meditation, Magic, and Invocation

The Secret Power of Interfaith Encounters

Finding Yourself in the Other

From Bozeman, Montana, to the World

An Interview with Diana Eck – Part 1

Singapore’s Students Get Proactive about Interfaith Peace

An Alternative to Authoritarianism

Remembering Rev. Dr. Charles White, 1937-2013

On These Shoulders

Meditation is Not Religion or Spirituality – It’s Technology

An Interview with Jay Michaelson, Author of Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment (North Atlantic Books, 2013)

Visiting the New Jerusalem at Burning Man

One of the Largest Religious Rituals in the Western World

Joining the Parliament of the World’s Religions Listening Campaign

Having a Voice in the Interfaith Agenda

Interreligious Calendars – Discovering the Stories Behind the Dates

Read the Spirit’s Digital Breakthrough