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April 2014

Is Religion the Problem, the Victim, or a Resource? Yes…

Discerning the Institutional Shadow

Principles, Practices, and Power: Our Inner Lights

Om Shanti

“It Is So Strange to Be Hated by So Many Church Leaders”

Fr. John Dear Dismissed from Jesuits

What We Learn from the First Abrahamic Apocalypse Story

Review: NOAH (Directed by Darren Aronofsky)

Leaders Confronting the Shadow in Religion and the World

A Different kind of power

“There is No Future without Forgiveness”

Seeking Out Truth and Reconciliation

Preparing Spiritually to Reflect on Religion and the Shadow

A Gift from BK Sister Elizabeth Padilla

Women’s Interfaith Institute Breaks New Ground

Inspired by Our Foremothers in Seneca Falls

Confronting Our Internal Voices

The Art of Critical Self-Examination

Religious Violence in Burma

The Fire This Time:

Who was Badshah Khan?

Turning the Table on Violence