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Anekantavada – Moving Beyond Exclusivist Religious Claims

Ahimsa, non-violence, is a fundamental teaching of Jainism, a small, ancient religion originating in India. The concept has inspired numerous non-violent activists around the world. From Gandhiji to Martin Luther King, ahimsa has been used to promote peace throughout the world.

Jainism – “Jain Teachings at an Interfaith Center”

With a vast diversity of member communities, Religions for Peace USA has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share about working for peace. These communities meditate, pray, advocate for justice, and work for a better world in many ways. Sometimes, simply hearing these stories can be inspiring for our own work. In this month’s issue, we profile a Jain community in Michigan, as Nirmala Hanke, M.D. leads us through some of the core tenets of Jainism and its applicability to our world today.

Mainstreaming Hindu and Dharmic Americans and Values

What a year! 2012...

Social Justice as a Unifying Issue for Dharmic Communities

Religious communities are never the same once they reach America. In my view, they often become even more remarkable.