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June 2014

Report from Sarajevo: 1000s Gather to Practice Peace

From a Battlefield to an Arena of Reconciliation and Relationship

Fifty Countries in 300 Days Searching for Interfaith

France’s Coexister Sends Young People into the World

Interfaith Networking Catching on in Europe

Bringing Everyone to the Table

Europe’s Religious Leaders Working Together for Peace

A Profile of the European Council of Religious Leaders

Young Muslims in Poland: Renewal of a Centuries-old Legacy

A Small Muslim Minority in Poland Making a Big Difference

Young Interfaith Activists take on the Balkans

Finding a Pass Through the Mountains

What We Can Learn from Religious Education in the UK

Where Government Supports Public School Religion

Paganism and Interfaith in the UK and Europe

The Long Journey to Inclusion

An Historic Overview of Faith Relations in Europe

The Long Journey in Getting to Know Each Other

The Stunning Resurgence of Progressive Christianity

The Swinging Pendulum in American Religion

‘Getting to Know You’ at Three Faiths Forum

Making Interfaith Dialogue Work, Small-Scale to Large-Scale

An Interview with Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran

Interfaith at the Vatican