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The Art of Prayer Meets the Prayer of Art

The Art of Prayer Meets the Prayer of Art

by Cynthia Lindner

This autumn, visitors to the Art Institute’s Bucksbaum Gallery for Photography on the ground floor of the museum’s Modern Wing are met by empty white walls: there’s not a single photograph hanging in this gallery dedicated to their display.

The Next Step ... We Must Pray Together

The Next Step ... We Must Pray Together

by Marcus Braybrooke

Recently a Muslim was invited to give an Oxford University sermon. The invitation attracted a number of protests. “He does not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ!” some declared.

Sharing Our Prayers in Community

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Praying in Public

Approaching the Infinite on Behalf of Us All

Praying Together

The Many Ways to Share Prayer

An Inclusive Approach to Prayer

Eight Interfaith Prayer Books

Public Prayer

Practical advice for those afflicted with peculiarities in this area

An Interfaith Response to Violence Near and Far

Why wait for disaster to strike? We can align during special times designated by the United Nations, including the International Day of Peace on September 21 and World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1-7

Should People of Different Faiths Pray Together?

This question has become increasingly important with the growing interaction between members of the world religions at all levels of society. Still quite a new issue in the Western world, few churches have given it much attention. In most cases, practice is well in advance of thinking about interfaith worship. I write as a Christian, mainly from a British context, and it will be good to hear from other standpoints.