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October 2013

Introducing InterSpiritual Meditation

Out of Many, One in the Spirit

Sharing Our Prayers in Community

The Ties that Bind

Bhakti – The Path of Devotion in India and the West

One Path in Hindu Spiritual Practice

The Art of Spiritual Living Never Looked So Inviting

Skylight Paths Spirituality Series a Treasure House

Exploring Prayer, and an Answer to Prayer Named Pope Francis


Listening to Children at the Well

Interfaith Storytelling Empowers Young People

Dawn of Interspirituality Conference

Report from Mt. Vernon, Washington, September 29-October 4, 2013

Praying in Public

Approaching the Infinite on Behalf of Us All

Praying Together

The Many Ways to Share Prayer

An Inclusive Approach to Prayer

Eight Interfaith Prayer Books

Howard A. Addison’s Show Me Your Way - The Complete Guide to Exploring Interfaith Spiritual Direction

A Review

Public Prayer

Practical advice for those afflicted with peculiarities in this area