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Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Interspiritual Perspectives on Wisdom

Interspiritual Perspectives on Wisdom

by Dr. Ed Bastian

Generally speaking, the word wisdom often connotes a holistic knowingness harvested from the totality of one’s life experience, including knowledge gained through intellectual conceptualization and empirical observation. From a spiritual perspective however, Wisdom (note the capital “W”) is generally said to be the result of a transcendent insight that surpasses, informs, and then guides our everyday thoughts, perceptions, and mental projections of reality.

Chochmah – the Blueprint of Creation

Chochmah – the Blueprint of Creation

by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Wisdom, Chochmah in Hebrew, is the first of God’s manifestations and the means by which creation happens. I am the deep grain of creation, the subtle current of life. God fashioned me before all things; I am the blueprint of creation. I was there from the beginning, from before there was a beginning. I am independent of time and space, earth and sky.

Dawn of Interspirituality Conference

Report from Mt. Vernon, Washington, September 29-October 4, 2013

“How Do Hinduism and Buddhism Influence Me as a Rabbi?”

Finding Common Ground

There Just May Not Be Time

Is there any hope for real change in the human condition? Kurt Johnson and David Ord certainly think so, and I am grateful to them for The Coming Interspiritual Age and its optimism. But I wonder…

The Frightening Next Step in Interfaith Dialogue

There are two kinds of interfaith programs: the safe and the frightening. The safe leave us untouched; we are the same persons going in as we are coming out. The frightening leave us not only touched but transformed; we are different coming out then we were going in.