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Nukes and the Bigger Picture

Nukes and the Bigger Picture

by Kehkashan Basu

Kutupalong – a beautiful, lyrical name. It could possibly describe a flower, a river, or an exotic bird. In fact, it is none of these three. Its claim to fame or rather infamy comes from the fact that it is the world’s largest refugee camp.

To Be Your Khalifa

They say many people have a calling in life. Well, I knew from a very young age that my calling was to protect the ocean.

A Conversation in Bangladesh about Religion and Women’s Roles

Secular and religious perspectives on gender roles and the meaning of women’s rights vary in different societies and can be a focus of considerable tension. Development practitioners often argue that women’s equal rights, including girls’ access to education, employment, and health care, are so fundamental that they amount to a litmus test of serious commitment to social progress. But lingering doubts are often framed in religious arguments.