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Nukes and the Bigger Picture

Nukes and the Bigger Picture

by Kehkashan Basu

Kutupalong – a beautiful, lyrical name. It could possibly describe a flower, a river, or an exotic bird. In fact, it is none of these three. Its claim to fame or rather infamy comes from the fact that it is the world’s largest refugee camp.

Interfaith Activist Running for Congress

Interfaith Activist Running for Congress

by Audri Scott Williams

Recently I decided to run for political office in 2018 for the state of Alabama. I will be a progressive Democratic candidate in Alabama’s Congressional District 2, for the U.S. House of Representatives. Friends who know me well have asked me, “Why are you running for a political office?”

Resourcing Interfaith for the Future

Reflections from the UK

Leading Interfaith Activists Explore the Interfaith Movement

RFFFPUSA and El-Hibri Foundation Celebrate Interfaith Harmony Week 2014

Costa Rican President and Religions for Peace Launch Nuclear Disarmament Resource Guide for Religious Leaders and Communities

Costa Rica Partners with RFP for Nuclear Disarmament

What Happens When Governments Foster Interfaith Action?

The question is no longer, “Should governments foster interreligious action?” but instead, “How should they do it?” And then, “What happens when they do?”