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A Liminal Religiosity

“There’s something about selecting one religion, one path, in the narrow way that I was brought up that seems so wrong, so unhelpful. The world is filled with wisdom. Human history is filled with wisdom. Why would I close myself off to that?”

Foundations Working Together for Interreligious Cooperation

A Catholic, a Muslim, and a Jew were sitting together in a meeting. Sounds like the start to a religious joke, right? Or, perhaps, it would be an ordinary interfaith dialogue. Either would be a fair guess, but this time it is actually the start to an interesting development – the recent gathering of representatives from among the many different foundations interested in interreligious cooperation.

Leading Interfaith Activists Explore the Interfaith Movement

RFFFPUSA and El-Hibri Foundation Celebrate Interfaith Harmony Week 2014

The Interfaith Movement Growing Exponentially

An Interview with Diana Eck – Part 2

Tectonic Shifts in American Religion and Spirituality

The Pew Forum’s October 9 report on religion in America was released in the midst of a presidential campaign in overdrive, daily doses of bad-news business stories, violence in Syria and the threat of violence in Iran. Nevertheless, on October 9 the New York Times noticed what looks to be the biggest religion story of 2012, as did the Washington Post, CNN, Huffington Post, and dozens of other news outlets.