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Project Interfaith

Navigating Life as Second-Generation Americans

I’m the daughter of second-generation Americans (SGAs). My four grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early twentieth century to escape desperate economic conditions and the grinding anti-Semitism they faced as Jews in Eastern Europe. Each settled in the Midwest United States and eventually in Omaha, Nebraska, where there was and remains a small but vibrant Jewish community.

RavelUnraveling the Multireligious Fabric of Our Lives

“Wait, you’re a Muslim? But you’re not even brown!”

When Emina, a member of Project Interfaith’s Youth Service activities in 2010, was faced with this challenge, rather than becoming defensive or shutting down, she took it seriously. With a video camera turned on, she explained her identity as a Muslim woman and addressed some of the misconceptions underlying that question. That got the staff at Project Interfaith thinking. We asked ourselves, What if more people had the chance to define and share their religious or spiritual identity in their own words and to confront the misconceptions and misunderstandings they face because of this? Thus RavelUnravel was born.

Leading Interfaith Activists Explore the Interfaith Movement

RFFFPUSA and El-Hibri Foundation Celebrate Interfaith Harmony Week 2014

Exploring Religious Identity in Omaha and Beyond

“Wait, you’re a Muslim? But you’re not even brown!”

Emina was setting up a video blog for her interfaith youth service project two years ago. Instead of a tart response to her fellow-student, Emina videotaped her answer, using the opportunity to explain the diversity within Islam and her own identity as a Muslim.