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The Art of Interfaith Cooperation and the Science of Data

The Art of Interfaith Cooperation and the Science of Data

by Bud Heckman

There is something to be said for following your gut. But sometimes those instincts are nothing more than following your own biases and perspective on the world. They reinforce frames that don’t necessarily challenge or change anything.

Finding Funding for Your Interfaith Film

The art of compelling storytelling is the core focus of the Hartley Film Foundation’s mission. Storytelling in documentary film is the foundation’s tool for connecting audiences to new experiences and ideas about real people, places, and events. The foundation supports filmmakers proposing narratives about world religions and spirituality. Implicitly, a primary Hartley goal is to strengthen interfaith understanding through these films.

Foundations Working Together for Interreligious Cooperation

A Catholic, a Muslim, and a Jew were sitting together in a meeting. Sounds like the start to a religious joke, right? Or, perhaps, it would be an ordinary interfaith dialogue. Either would be a fair guess, but this time it is actually the start to an interesting development – the recent gathering of representatives from among the many different foundations interested in interreligious cooperation.

Funding Global Interreligious Action

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Parliament of the World’s Religions Survives Financial Crunch

Parliament Update

2014 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Brussels Cancelled

Late last month a joint statement was posted cancelling Parliament of the World’s Religions in Brussels, previously scheduled for 2014.