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Learning to See Again: Respect in a Volatile Age

Learning to See Again: Respect in a Volatile Age

by Mark Waters

“Will I get shot if I come to Texas?” The prospective Chinese student’s query was neither melodramatic nor overstated.

Ecology of Our Minds

Ecology of Our Minds

by Nimai Agarwal

When I was eight years old, my parents used to take me to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. We would go every week of the summer, spread out a blanket on the grass, and enact a tradition central to our monotheistic branch of Hinduism: singing devotional songs to passersby, often accompanied by a harmonium and brass hand symbols.

January 17, 2016 – World Religion Day: Celebrating Our Unity

BahÁ’i-Sponsored Celebration Invites Us All to the Table “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until, its unity is firmly established.”– Bahá’i Writings

Don’t Forget the Mystics

The recent Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City has been called the “123rd birthday of the international interfaith movement,” which is often said to have had its origin at the Chicago Parliament in 1893. It was a time to celebrate the global growth of the movement and its growing maturity. The emphasis was no longer on the need to talk to each other but on what we should be doing together.

Reclaiming the Sacred: Five Uniting Religious Principles

What We Share

Interfaith Culture Thriving in Arizona

Growing a Grassroots Interfaith Program

A Review of Chris Stedman’s Faitheist

Chris Stedman’s Faitheist is a fine, compelling book written by a deeply faithful person, who by his own admission is more interested in building something than in tearing something down. His faithfulness is not to a set of religious beliefs but to a search to understand and honor his unique humanity and the unique humanity of others in ways that contribute positively to life on Earth.

One Muslim’s Interfaith Resolutions

The following resolutions were framed by Sohaib Saeed as the conclusion to his paper titled, “The Golden Rule – Can We Live by It?” presented at the 10th Festival of Spirituality and Peace in Edinburgh, August 2010. The longer paper demonstrates how deeply and constructively Saeed reaches into both the Golden Rule idea and Islam to come to resolutions from which every one of us can benefit.