March 2012 Theme

Emerging Interfaith Voices: I

The theme of “emerging interfaith voices” turned out to be a bigger category that we realized at first. So next month’s TIO will provide “chapter two.” We were particularly interested in hearing from indigenous leaders, women, and young adults.

* * *

Reviving Indigenous Values
Reconciling the Blessings and Challenges of Diversity through Ancestral Spiritual Values by Yoland Trevino

The ‘Legal’ Defense for Oppressing Indigenous People
An Open Letter to All Peoples of Faith & Practice from Joagquisho, Oren Lyons

Interfaith History
Indigenous Peoples Making an Interfaith Difference by TIO Correspondent Marcus Braybrooke

Growing the Interfaith Community
Wiccans, Indigenous Peoples, and the Interfaith Movement by Don Frew

Transforming Religious Attitudes & Lives
What Do Women Bring to the Table? by Kimberly King, Pamela Jay Gottfried, Rita M. Gross, Rosemary R. Ruether, and Nahid Angha

Interfaith Mentors
Finding My Voice in Interfaith Work by Jennifer Peace

Peace Jihadi
Ibtisam Mahameed, Not Afraid to Speak Out by TIO Correspondent Ruth Broyde Sharone

Young Adults take Center State
Eboo Patel – Spokesperson in the Making by Paul Chaffee

New Voices, New Leaders
Youth Redefining Interfaith Activism Globally by Frank Fredericks

“What Do You Believe?” – Teens Weigh In