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A Summer of Exciting Interfaith Events

A Summer of Exciting Interfaith Events

by Robyn Lebron, Megan Anderson, Tahil Sharma, and Johnny Martin

URI North America Regional Assembly - Reimagining Interfaith Cooperation - NAIN Connect 2018

Talking with Strangers in Sacred Space

Talking with Strangers in Sacred Space

by Lynda Trono

This year’s NAIN (North American Interfaith Network) Connect began with a surprise. The theme was Espacio Sagrado, or, in English, Sacred Space. And for the first time in the 28 years of NAIN’s existence, its annual Conference was held in Mexico.

When Nature Talks Back

Several years ago, I attended a North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) “Connect” in Las Vegas. The program was organized in three tracks, including one called “Caring for Creation.” As might be expected, all of the Pagans and indigenous people gravitated towards that track.

Bridging Borders and Boundaries in a Troubled World

On the first full day of NAINConnect 2014 last month, as 150 participants fanned across greater Detroit in bussed site-visits, a torrential 6.2 inches of rain fell on Detroit in a few short hours. Not since ten taxis failed to show up in San Francisco in 2008 to transport NAIN participants from the university to a dinner-cruise on the Bay, have NAIN planners experienced so much unexpected disaster. Except the consequences in Detroit were mind-numbing.

Taking ‘In Our Diversity is Our Strength’ Seriously

Report: NAINConnect 2013 in Toronto

Mobilizing TIO – Outreach & Social Networking

Over the past year more than 120 writers have made contributions to The Interfaith Observer. Their essays are being sent out to 2,200 subscribers each month in the flash of an eye – no paper, no ink or postage, no waiting, but silently delivered to electronic mailboxes around the globe. Want to make movies? Searching for Sugar Man, a deeply satisfying intercultural film playing in theaters today, was shot on an iPhone and edited on a laptop!

Interfaith Resources to End Bullying

According to the Sikh Coalition, one in ten young people who are repeatedly bullied drop out of school or change schools, and 85 percent of reported bullying cases go without intervention or response. Bullying has become an epidemic in the U.S. and globally, affecting communities regardless of faith. Cyber-bullying is another new phenomenon affecting youth with access to the internet and cellphones.

NAIN Takes Interfaith Culture the Next Level

North American Interfaith Network’s (NAIN) annual conferences, held since 1988, are a family affair, a time to deepen old relationships and start new ones, a laboratory for innovative interfaith interaction, and a place to learn professional skill-sets you can’t find anywhere else. NAINConnects in recent years have been hosted by Vancouver, Richmond, San Francisco, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. Each site comes with its own flavor and special gifts. Each introduces NAIN to vital, unique interfaith communities with multiple programs and collaborative interaction.

NAINConnect 2012 Comes to Atlanta Next Month

Twenty-four-year-old North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) convenes on July 15 for four days to explore “Creating Interfaith-Friendly Cities and the Beloved World Community.” The general public is invited to register and attend.

Seeding the Interfaith Movement

Most of the hundreds of interfaith ventures emerging globally are independent non-governmental organizations, usually called nonprofits in the United States. Several types of organizations predominate, the subject of this issue of TIO.

North American Interfaith Network Explores the Golden Rule

Seventy interfaith leaders from across Canada and the United States met in Phoenix, Arizona for NAINConnect 2011, July 24-26, the annual gathering of the North America Interfaith Network. This year’s theme: “Many People, Many Faiths, One Common Principle: The Golden Rule.”