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Christian Vitality in an Interfaith Culture

Christian Vitality in an Interfaith Culture

by Bud Heckman

Researchers tell us one of the most important assessments made by young people in sizing up any faith is “authenticity.” They are discerning consumers in a marketplace of ideas. Does this tradition/scripture/institution/leader/group appear authentic? One mark of authenticity is its vitality. Is it “vital” in the sense that it has relevance to the ways of the very diverse world we all now live in? It must pass a sniff test.

Stuck on the Spiritual Spectrum

Stuck on the Spiritual Spectrum

by Philip Goldberg

A dispute at a small evangelical college; the death of a Supreme Court Justice; the presidential election campaign – these and other recent events remind me, yet again, that our religious attitudes and spiritual orientations are almost infinitely diverse. Not only are there vast differences among adherents of every tradition, but also diversity within the diversity within the diversity.

Neuropeace: Putting Science to Work for Peace

Imagine this elephant picture as the human brain. The rider on top – he represents conscious processes. Out of all of the brain’s activity, he seemingly directs everything, allowing us to “know” what we are doing. The rest of the elephant? It represents the unconscious aspects of our brain, the parts that we don’t have so much information about. Surprising, isn’t it? Here we thought that we lived in a rational age where cognitive science had at least figured out much of what there is to know about the brain. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

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