May 2015

                                                Exploring Interreligious Relations & Interfaith Culture


From The President
Interreligious Perspectives at GTU by Riess Potterveld

As the Graduate Theological Union moves to include representatives of more of the world's great religious traditions, the framing of issues from an interreligious perspective is already common in the research and writing of students in the masters and doctorate degree programs. Read more.

Philosophy, Theology, Sacred Text, Art, Celebration & Engagement
Hindu Studies Comes to the GTU  by Alan Kelchner

At the Intersections of Religious Encounter
New Options for Interreligious Studies  by Arthur Holder

Sacred Works of Art
New Masks and Sacred Powers  by Riess Potterveld

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Looking Back, Looking Forward by Paul Chaffee

Interfaith News Roundup
More Religious Turmoil - Reflective and Provocative - In Other News...

Introducing Daniel Hostetler
New CEO Selected by the Parliament of the World’s Religions by TIO Staff

Guadalajara Initiates a Year of International Interfaith Gatherings in the Americas
Diálogo Multicultural Universal II by Paul Chaffee

The Fifth Vow
William Swing’s A Bishop’s Quest: Founding a United Religions A TIO Review

"The Grandeur that You See in the Other"
Pope Francis & Rabbi Skorka: Forging a Deeper Relationship by Ruth Broyde Sharone


The Best of TIO - Three

Claiming Hope in Spite of Everything
In a World of Violet Disorder, Carrying the Agony in Hope by William E. Swing

Caught between Two Cultures
A Prayer in the Beginning by Ilona Gerbakher

Atlanta's "World Pilgrims" Model Transforms Lives
Getting to Know You While We’re in Turkey by Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones

Sharing What America is Learning
Visiting India, the Motherland by Philip Goldberg

The Funkor Child Art Center is Islamabad
Seeking Peace through Art for Children by Vicki Garlock

Returning Sacred Texts to the Yezidis
Finding Light in the Midst of “Devil-worshippers” by Don Frew

Report: Massive Interfaith Action Focuses on Climate Change
Climate and the People: September 19-23, New York City by Ruth Broyde Sharone

Tools to care for Humankind and our Home
Technology: A Re-introduction by Tom Mahon

The Larger Commitment
Interfaith Collaboration – Walking the Talk by Sally Mahé

Day One at the Last Universal Multicultural Dialogue(2012)
Interfaith Festival Deluged by the Spirit, Rain, and Hail by Elías González Gómez

Indigenous Spirituality in the Modern World
Doctrine, Ritual, and Spiritual Development by Rachael Watcher

The Compassion Games Partners with World Interfaith Harmony Week
Collaboration, Cooperation, Coopetition by Sande Hart

Going To The Heart of the Matter
Is a World Faith Worth Dreaming About? by Marcus Braybrooke

Religious Calendar 


Special Editions
Crossroads - Graduate Theological Union
Interreligious Perspectives at GTU by Riess Potterveld
Hindu Studies Comes to the GTU by Alan Kelchner
New Options for Interreligious Studies by Arthur Holder
Masks and Sacred Powers by Riess Potterveld

Rfp- USA Connect
Young Interfaith Leaders Uniting for Climate by Suzy Lamoreaux
The Joys of Interfaith in Hard Times by Aaron Stauffer
Never Wholly Other by Jerusha Lamptey
Among so Many Interfaith Organizations, Why Religious for Peace? by Bud Heckman

Neuropeace: Putting Science to Work for Peace  by Aaron Stauffer